Vendor Spotlight: DMCK Photography


How did you get into photography?

I have always had an interest in photography/videography, starting with my first polaroid camera when I was 8 years old. My mind has always been that of a creative; and I quickly gravitated toward the arts. As my love of photography grew, so did my love of music, and I started to turn my focus to that as a teenager, and ended up moving to Nashville to pursue a music degree at Belmont University. While my love of music grew, so did my opportunities for photography, and I began offering my services to fellow musicians, shooting their concerts, promotional material, etc.. After college, I began growing my skills as a photographer, and eventually found myself gravitating towards wedding/engagement photography when I got engaged myself. I was inspired by all of the stunning photos my fiancé and I cam across when searching for our own vendors, and took a leap into the wedding industry shortly thereafter. Over the last year and a half, I have worked increasingly in this industry, and I’m having an awesome time!

What do you love about photography?

The old saying is tired but true; a picture really is worth (at least) a thousand words! The thing I love most about photography is showing the images to the client, and seeing the memories of the day rush over them. It has become obvious to me that much of the wedding day becomes a blur for the couple, given the stress and hectic schedule, compiled with the meeting of all the guests, the gifts, the traditions, etc.. When they finally get to see the photos, its like they get to see the day for the first time in stunning clarity. I love being able to be the one who captures the moments that may have gone missed otherwise. I love seeing the bride’s reaction to her father’s face during the ceremony. I love seeing the groom seeing how astounded he looked when he first laid eyes on his bride. The whole day is an amalgamation of emotions, some of which the participants were;t even aware they possessed.


What would you say is your photographic style?

I typically shoot with a journalistic approach. My photos aim to tell the story of the day, not to just document the happenings. A great photographer once told me that you shouldn’t just try to make a record of who was at the wedding through your photographs; the goal is to make the viewer feel what happened that day. So the albums my couples receive will tell the story from start to finish, and will hopefully read like a book of the preparation, the laughter, the love, and sometimes the frenzy of what the day was like to experience. I strive to proved the couple with a way to relive the precious moments they savored, and some they may have missed!

Do you shoot digital or film?


Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

Brides should choose me to shoot their wedding if they are looking for someone they can have fun with, get to know, and feel comfortable around for the majority of their wedding day. Of course the quality of the images is important, but the best way to get those amazing images is to feel totally comfortable with the person taking them. I do everything in my power to not only capture the couple at their best, but to also make them have fun while doing that. I joke around with them, push them out of their comfort zone in a relaxed manner, and in return get amazing images. Also, given my newer standing in the wedding community, my rates are extremely competitive for the time being, and therefor the couple can get images that they would have paid significantly more for, and use the extra money to put towards something else in the budget!




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Vendor Spotlight: Homestead Manor

Today we are so happy to share the information about this gorgeous new venue Homestead Manor. If you haven’t already please check out this venue, it’s definitely worth it.


Tell us about your venue.

​Homestead Manor is a multifaceted historic venue. On the grounds, which was host to the Civil War Battle of Thompson’s Station and is protected by the Land Trust of Tennessee, ​sits the historic Manor which now houses our restaurant, Harvest. The restaurant is supported in part by our ever growing onsite farm, which comprises 40 of our total 50 acres. Our bridal suite is housed in a reclaimed and renovated one room Schoolhouse that was relocated to the property in years past. Lastly, we have our famous and grand event Barn, which was built in 2015 and is home to our many beautiful weddings!


What makes your venue different from other venues?

​What really sets Homestead Manor apart is our experiential approach. Our goal is that every customer, be they a restaurant guest or a wedding guest, gets to see what an exciting and interconnected experience Homestead Manor is. We want you to meet our Farm Director, Steven, as he comes up to the Manor for lunch, and chat with our bartender, Spencer, as he makes you the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had. Come take a walk with me or Ryan, our Associate Events Director, and let us tell you about Alice Thompson, a young teenager woman whose bravery on our property earned her one of the only female mentions in Civil War battle history. Get a friendly wave from Chefs Dylan or Carlos as they pop out to the herb garden for garnishes. Let yourself get immersed in all that is Homestead Manor!

For weddings specifically, we offer a unique blend of all-inclusive packages and planner-friendly packages. Having been both a planner and a venue director myself these last 10 years in the Nashville market, I know exactly how difficult it can be to work across different venues and ever changing policies and pricing structures. Consequently, I also know what planners need to succeed at a venue and I am definitely here to make that happen for them! It is important to us that planners know that they are welcome and wanted here at Homestead Manor. We will always make you proud!

What is the history of your venue? (How did it get started, etc.)

​Homestead Manor has seen several iterations over the years, but the Marshall family (owners of the successful Puckett’s restaurants) loved the property’s history and wanted to make it a place that the Thompson’s Station commu​nity and beyond could enjoy for generations to come. The best way to do that was to create as many touch points as possible, thus events, the restaurant, and the farm!


What are some of your wedding and reception options?

​We have two outdoor ceremony locations, the shaded North Lawn and the sunny West Lawn, each with two different view options. ​Ceremonies of 75 or less can also take place on the South Lawn. Some clients also opt to hold both their ceremony and reception in our Barn, which is a quick and easy transition for groups of 150 or less. Cocktail hours can take place in our beautiful Shade Garden in front of the Manor, or on the Barn Patio. And of course, receptions take place in our gorgeous Barn, complete with stacked stone wood-burning fireplaces, giant chandeliers, and reclaimed wood walls. The Barn is climate-controlled and has attractive and subtle weather walls to make the space comfortable and usable whether Mother Nature deals us a cold, hot, or wet day. It can seat 200-250, or up to 350 if the patios are tented.


Does your venue require use of your preferred vendors, or are brides free to bring their own?

​We do have required vendors within our different packages, but brides are definitely free to bring their own vendors for any services not included in the package that they chose!


In your opinion, which event (or type of event) has most creatively taken advantage of your venue, and what made that event a success?

As we are still within our first year of official event operations, we have so many great events yet to come in 2016 that we are planning with our clients now. I am particularly looking forward to the wedding we have coming up with the fantastic Jessica Sloane in May! The clients have bought out the entire property and closed the restaurant for the day, so we are going to be able to use the Manor and Glass Bar in new and creative ways for their guests!​




Some personal questions about Amy:

Mac or PC? PC

Tea or Coffee? ​Coffee​

Favorite local Nashville restaurant? Can I say Harvest at Homestead? 😉 Haha! ​

Favorite movie right now? Being that I’m a wild west girl at heart, a documentary called Unbranded is a current favorite. Four young cowboys adopt and train over a dozen wild mustangs and ride them north through the wildnerness from Mexico to Canada. The cinematography is stunning and it tugs at my wanna-be cowgirl heart!​




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Group Meeting at Saddle Wood Farms

If you haven’t visited Saddle Wood Farms as a possible venue for your wedding, I suggest you visit soon. It’s a gorgeous venue with lots of glamorous touches.  When the owner, Jayne invited our group out, we had to take her up on it & bring out our planners.

Nashville Audio Visual graciously left us this draping that they created for a couple that past weekend. The draping dressed up the venue perfectly.

Daniel with DMCK Photography came out & took some great pictures for us, to highlight the venue.




Christin with The Farmers Florist created some amazing floral arrangements for us, that matched perfectly with the linens from Over the Top Linens. Christin uses what’s local and in-season from Nashville/Middle Tennessee flower farmers and often gathers materials herself from the surrounding landscape on her own farm.


Chef’s Market set up an amazing spread for us, with lots of yummy options.






For dessert, Chef’s Market had Apple Pie covered apples for us!!





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Vendor Spotlight: Kris Rae Photography

Today we are featuring a local wedding photographer Kris Rae Photography. We had the pleasure to work with him at one of group meetings & wanted all our readers to get to know him a bit more.

Soft bridal portrait | Photo Kris Rae -

How did you get into photography?

For me, becoming a photographer was a natural evolution of my family’s business. My grandfather owned an independent print shop in the 1970s & 80s, so I grew up with the sounds of the shop and the smell of the ink all around me. This, combined with my mother’s encouragement make me into an artist from a very young age. By the time I was in High School I was drawing portraits with pencil & charcoal, and I had begun to claim our camera during family vacations. In my Senior year, I elected for photography classes and was captivated by the “immediate” process of making a portrait on film and being able to develop it in a relatively short amount of time. Where once I was spending days to craft a perfect portrait with pencil, I could do the same within the span of a single afternoon. I never looked back.

What do you love about photography?

My love of photography has changed over the years. Where once I loved perfecting my craft more than anything else (and it’s still a high contender), I have re-tuned and am in love with flaws and imperfections that keep an image honest. Small hairs out of place, a stray splash of light or an expression that hasn’t quite hit it’s peak… the story that is told through the imperfect is so much more compelling than the story told through only the Highs of life.

What would you say is your photography style?

As a student to so many different niches of photography, I have an amalgamated style, and can quickly switch between them given the story arc of the day. I will shoot light and bright for a fall farmland wedding, or use the drama of the shadows in a classic historic building. If we’re specifically talking about weddings: I feel that couples most often choose locations that reflect their personalities and the way that the light plays in those locations directs me how to shoot and present the story.

Fun Elegant wedding celebration in Mystic CT.

Do you shoot digital or film?

While I started on film 15 years ago, and indeed, was part of the “last class” at my college to have a purely film workflow, as soon as I graduated and started stringing for the local newspapers, they put the first viable DSLR in my hands ( the original Nikon D1) and I became a digital shooter through and through for my professional work. However, I’ve always had a roll of film in a camera in the car, and shot personal work with it to keep myself aligned to the feel of film. Remembering to work slow and appreciate the tonal qualities of images that shouldn’t be digitally processed… I like to think it has kept me grounded and honest in my work. Never too much retouching. Never portraying something that “Is not.”

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

I can’t honestly tell someone why they should hire one photographer or another. There is no amount of skill or a particular style that deems one photographer better than another. A couple will hire the professional that they connect with. After all they are trusting this person with documenting the biggest day of their lives to date (there will be bigger days to come!) and you have to trust the guy who is with you for the whole journey, pointing a big-ass lens all the while. That’s a big deal. If you connect with the work in my portfolio, and when we meet, if you think you can trust me (and you can!), and we could be friends as well as vendor/client, then please do hire me. It’ll help me feed my kids. 😉

Fun Elegant wedding celebration at Jonathan Edwards Winery.


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NWPG Welcome Party at Homestead Manor

Each year the Nashville Wedding Planners Group starts fresh with new venues, vendors, & activities. So we were excited to have Homestead Manor host of our 2016 Welcome Party. Amy Parman the Event Coordinator at Homestead pulled out all the stops for us & made us feel very welcome. Special thank you to Mindy with Phindy Studios for coming & taking these amazing pictures for us.




Homestead Manor severed us the best food & drinks! We were so happy to enjoy all the tasty options!!





The Farmers Florist created the gorgeous florals for the evening!!


The cake from Triple Crown Bakery looked & tasted absolutely amazing!!





Love and Lion setup a fun tattoo station for us.








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