Vendor Spotlight-Little Rosie & Co.


Happy Wednesday!! Today we are featuring Little Rosie & Co. A pink 1965 restored trailer with an on location beauty team based out of Nashville, owned by Amanda Cocanougher. We got with Amanda to tell us more about her business.

Give us the back story of Little Rosie & Co…..

Last August my mom emailed me a picture of a hunter green 1965 Barth travel trailer of of Craigslist. They were asking $600 for it. It looked like a trailer out of a horror movie. Rusted, stained, dirty, and falling apart. The weird part is I LOVED IT and I knew I had to have it. When my friends and family saw the picture they literally questioned my sanity as to why I would want something that appeared to be so junky. I never saw the trailer as junk. I always saw the potential. My amazing step dad, Sonny Thompson, is wonderful at restoring things. And I am good at visualizing things. My mom is very good at micromanaging! So we put our 3 skills together and here we are. She took 10 months to be completed. I honestly didn’t plan on using Little Rosie for work it sort of worked itself into that. The more we restored the trailer the more I fell in love with her and wanted to incorporate her into my job. I wanted to share her with everyone because she is the sweetest trailer I have ever seen.


What made you go into the business?

I have been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 10 years. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a hairstylist. I also have always had a creative mind and have tried to keep life exciting by coming up with challenges and dreams for myself. I have always specialized in formal occasion hair and makeup. I love getting dressed up myself so to be able to doll up someone else for their special occasion is so much fun for me. I have always wanted a trailer. No particular reason it just always has been a dream of mine to own one.

Tell us about your services

Little Rosie can be the place where the bride and her bridesmaids get glammed up by our team, or she can be used as a photo prop for the bridal party. The set up comes with a bistro table and chairs set, soft wedding music, an outdoor umbrella, lots of shabby decor, various sweet treats and our signature pink lemonade! We are also able to customize our services according to what our clients needs are.


What are all the different ways brides can use your services?

We plan to use Little Rosie for bridal showers or getting the girls ready for the bachelorette night. We can customize any sort of idea the bride and her bridal party has. Pricing varies for location and the number of services. We specialize in styling hair and makeup for any occasion. We do not style and color hair out of Little Rosie.


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Vendor Spotlight-Bach Weekend

We recently had so much fun, as our Nashville wedding planners got to experience an amazing adventure with Bach Weekend in downtown Nashville. Check out our Instagram Scavenger Hunt pics here.

Tell us about Bach Weekend

BachWeekend is the gold standard when it comes to planning bachelor and bachelorette parties. We create unique experiences. It is our goal to make sure the bachelor or bachelorette (and their crew) have an amazing weekend. With locations in Nashville, New Orleans, and Miami, chances are we have the connections to make it happen!

Tell us about your services

We have it simple to have a fun and affordable weekend in any of our locations. Prices start at $75/person and include all the planning, a host in town during the party, discounts around town, a two hour guided experience (i.e. Honky Tonk Pub Crawl), unlimited dinner/brunch resos, and any other type of activities you may want to add a la carte!

What are all the different ways brides/grooms can use your services?

Everything with BachWeekend is customizable, so the possibilities are endless! Here are some main reasons why brides/grooms use our service:

1) We are experts. We have a local employee in every city who will help you plan what you want, when you want it. Our goal is to have groups experience like a local, but party like a tourist!

2) Its customizable! No one wants to be that group without plans. So instead of standing around with your hands in your pockets, let us plan given what the bachelor/bachelorette would love.

3) Split Payment. We all have that friend who never pays us back. Why make someone front a couple grand in expenses. With BachWeekend, we let each person pay their own portion. Problem solved!

4) We are always on call. One of the big perks of BachWeekend is we have a host in each city who will meet and greet you, and make sure to be on-call throughout the party!


Check out to plan your party today! You can also follow our socials: IG/Twitter/Pinterest: @bachweekend

We recommend Bach Weekend to every bride/groom for an amazing time with their bridal parties!!


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September Group Meeting- The Pavilion East

Last month we had our group meeting at The Pavilion East an event venue perfect for the relaxed bride, looking for an open area for guest to enjoy. We had the privilege of having lots of cool vendors come out to our meeting, one was Kris Rae Photography & took these amazing pictures for us.




We were so excited to have Little Rosie & Co. debut at our group meeting. It’s so adorable!!





The Tux Truck with Street Tuxedo pulled in to let our planners see what they can do for grooms & make things easier for them too.


We finished with a great lunch from The Blue Porch & their tasty Moonshine cookies, yum!!


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Nashville Wedding Planner Series: “What brides think”

As we continue this Nashville Wedding Planner Series, we have found out what wedding planners do here & now we learning what past brides have to say about their wedding planner. So we have selected a couple Nashville wedding planners to share what their clients have to say about their services.

Adriel Nutter owner of Adriel Nutter Events shared her brides experience:

Ashlea & Nick Wedding-0245

“Adriel went above and beyond as my wedding coordinator! I hired her for day-of coordination and listed a few things I thought I could use her help with, but she far exceeded my expectations by helping me think of all the little things I was missing. I trusted her completely with handling the logistics and other vendors, and my family was completely blown away by her professionalism and organization. I cannot recommend her enough – just delightful!”


Emily Humphries owner of Simply Yours Weddings shared her couples experience:


Where do we even begin?! This weekend would not be possible without your knowledge, guidance, encouragement and prayers! We are forever grateful for the amount of hard work and dedication you have put into our special day. In the process of raising a sweet two year old and working at a marriage yourself, you have done what the Lord calls us all to do in our work… lovingly direct our everyday encounters to Him. When the bridesmaids dresses were 12 sizes too big and a make up artist needed to be let go, you reminded me how to respond like Jesus. Thank you for reminding us that this WHOLE marriage thing is about responding like Jesus. We love you and are so grateful for you! Can this friendship not end after tomorrow??”

Love, the Sherers

Tiffani Helms owner of Creative Designs & Events shared her past bride Marsee’s experience:


Hiring a wedding planner was, by far, the best decision that I made throughout the entire planning process. When I began to plan our wedding, I was so sure that I could take care of everything myself. However, as more decisions needed to be made, I knew that I needed a professional to organize the timeline, stay in touch with vendors, and advise me on the decisions that I needed to make!

As soon as we met Tiffani, I knew that she would be able to help me make all of the final decisions, and she would be able to stay in touch with our vendors to keep them on schedule. She did all of that, and more! On the day of our wedding, I did not have to worry about ANYTHING. Tiffani communicated with all of our vendors to make sure everyone was on time, and had everything that they needed. She also set up our reception venue the way that I wanted it to be set up, since I could not be there. I asked her to send me pictures as the reception was being set up, and she did. I loved getting to see it in progress, and know that it was being set up just the way I wanted!

Tiffani was also my “go to” person all day. If I needed ANYTHING, she was there. If anyone had any questions, she was there. Even my dad, who was skeptical about hiring a wedding planner at first, said that the best money we spent was on our wedding planner. Not only did having a wedding planner put me at ease, but it also allowed my parents, my husband, and his parents to all be able to just relax and enjoy the day. I definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner to any future brides. There is nothing better that you can spend your money on during the planning process!

Marsee Hohwald

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Vendor Spotlight- Caley Newberry Photography

Today we are featuring Caley Newberry Photography on the blog today.

How did you get into photography?

In what feels like another life, I was a sports reporter. It was a time when newspapers and magazines were first starting to see editorial cuts because the Internet was taking over, so the publication I worked for often wouldn’t have a photographer to send with me when I was covering a story. They’d toss a camera in my hands as I was walking out the door and asked me to do what I could. Photography at the time was a passive thought, and I didn’t put much effort into getting great photos until they credited me with a dark, blurry photo in the paper. I committed to learning how to use a camera, and in the process, fell in love. It all happened pretty organically from there. Friends decided I wasn’t terrible at this and asked me to take their photos, which eventually turned into a few weddings, which became my passion. Who would want to take pictures of sweaty guys in tight pants, anyway? 🙂

Caley Newberry Photography |

What do you love about photography?

I love that photography preserves memories. Even in a photo-saturated, Instagram-everything world, each photo preserves something. Photos I’ve taken that didn’t mean much to me at the time, have later come to mean the world to me. Even scrolling through my camera roll on my phone, I’ll run across days I’ve completely forgotten about or find myself thinking “This is the last photo we took in this house” or, unfortunately, “This is the last time I saw this person.” All of a sudden, those random photos are precious, and I love that photography allows me to capture those feelings and revisit them over and over for myself and for my clients.

What would you say is your photography style?

I’ve struggled with putting a name on my style, mostly because it feels cliche and boring to say that it’s photojournalistic and classic. But I know that’s the truth. I’ve always done my best to assure that the photos I take survive the test of time, so to speak. I don’t choose to use presets or trendy edits, not because I don’t think they’re beautiful — I think they’re wonderful! — but because I’d rather my work look as timeless as it can. I’m mostly drawn to images that are shot tight and filled with color, so that’s what I shoot!

Do you shoot digital or film?

Aside from my polaroid land camera that I pull out for fun sometimes, I’m all digital.

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

There are so many incredible photographers in this city, so I believe so much of whom you hire is about how comfortable you are around that particular photographer. I want my brides to feel like we can be friends, and they can relax, feel comfortable and laugh on our shoots! (This is especially important for boudoir clients!) I’m a little bit awkward and very go-with-the-flow. I really take the time to get to know my clients, and that’s not for everyone. If it is, and they want the kind of photographer that will possibly reply to an email with a GIF, I’m their girl!

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