Planner’s Social at Wedding 101

One of our favorite things about the Nashville Wedding Planner’s Group is that it gives local planners an opportunity to hang out and get to know each other on a more personal level. And who wouldn’t want to spend time with and learn from other hard-working gals who work in their own industry? Not us!!

To take our “hanging out” to the next level, we enlisted our fabulous member, Parthenia Fayne, owner of Epiphany Events, to plan several social events for us throughout the year. Two months ago, Parthenia planned a fun night of screen printing, brainstorming and chowing down at the beautiful Wedding 101 space in the Gulch. Keep scrolling to see a bunch of wedding planners having a blast and to check out some fun images from CJ Wells Photography !

101 Weddings (12 of 187)

101 Weddings (16 of 187)

The ladies from Hip Hues helped us make bags and t-shirts with our group logo! It was such a fun activity that would be perfect for bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, really any event where you’d like your guests to leave with a unique and personalized gift!

101 Weddings (42 of 187)

101 Weddings (56 of 187)

101 Weddings (81 of 187)

101 Weddings (127 of 187)

101 Weddings (164 of 187)

101 Weddings (113 of 187)

101 Weddings (100 of 187)

 That’s it for today! Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!!


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Vendor Spotlight- Jonathan Hargrove Photography

This week’s Vendor Spotlight is Jonathan Hargrove Photography! Check out his photographs here and enjoy! Jonathan has years of experience working with a wide variety of subjects ranging from weddings to individual portraits. His stunning images truly capture moments that you will want to remember forever! Jonathan makes a point for sessions with his clients to be fun and a great atmosphere. If you want to find a wedding photography that will come in with a genuine love of photography and enhance the entire photography experience of your wedding, make sure to check out Jonathan Hargrove Photography! Below are a few questions about Jonathan along with some questions about his photography!


How did you get into photography?

I took a yearbook class in middle school and fell in love with photography at that point in time. I had a natural eye for taking pictures and pursued it by taking the photography classes offered throughout high school and then going to college to study photojournalism. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky University.


What do you love about photography?

The opportunity to meet and work with new people on every single shoot. The constant change of who I am working with and for is one of the attractive aspects. Photography requires interactions and the constant change is great motivation to always do my best and it keeps my work fresh by always seeing new faces.


What would you say is your photography style?

My photography style is vibrant and focuses on the color and the subject. My photography pops with a huge color range and well lit subjects to make them the real standouts of every single images.


Do you shoot digital or film?

Digital. I use two Nikon D7000s with a 24 – 70mm f/2.8 and a 50 mm f/1.4 mm

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

I offer one of the most lucrative packages for brides of all ranges. I also am more concerned with the photography and capturing the best images possible to provide the best memories. I love what I do and I love to share my abilities with others and to make their experience working with me unique.

 Some personal questions:

Mac or PC?


Tea or Coffee?


Favorite Social Media Outlet for Sharing Pictures?


Favorite Movie Right Now?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier


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Vendor Spotlight- Brittany Hicken Burns: Harpist

This Vendor Spotlight focuses on Brittany Hicken Burns, a Nashville harpist! Brittany has performed in New York City and has made Nashville her home after learning from talented, accredited harpists in New York. Brittany has the talent to make any event perfect! She has years of experience and can be the perfect addition to your wedding. Her beautiful music is a very classic and elegant touch to any event! Brittany can offer a great way to entertain guests and have playing during your wedding! Below are questions about the music as well as a few questions about herself! Enjoy!


What made you go into the business of harp playing? 

I wanted to play the harp from the time I was a little girl, so once I started lessons, pursuing it professionally was a natural choice. I still can’t think of a career that could be more fun and fulfilling than music!

Do you only play weddings? What are some of the other options you offer? 

In addition to weddings I enjoy playing for parties, church services and restaurants. I love performing with other people, so orchestral playing is my favorite, though I also enjoy performing solo recitals.

What are the normal types of weddings or events that you play? 

I have played every type of wedding from elegant hotels and cathedrals to country weddings in fields. It’s not always easy to get the harp to these locations, but it’s always worth it. After the many weddings I have witnessed, I still get choked up when the bride and groom take their vows. I always feel honored to be a part of their special day.

Copy of Foto (14)

Some personal questions: 

Mac or PC? 

My computer is a PC, but I love my iPhone, so I guess I’m a little mixed between mac and pc.

Team or Coffee? 

I actually don’t drink coffee or tea, but I like juice, and my favorite juice is ruby red grapefruit.

Favorite Things To Do in Nashville

I still feel too new to Nashville to have a favorite thing, but I love to eat, and so far I have really been enjoying the food in Nashville.

Favorite Song Right Now

Favorite song is always a tricky questions for me, so instead I prefer to narrow it down to a few composers: Bach, Brahms and Ravel.

Marie-Pierre Langlamet 3

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Vendor Spotlight- Abigail Bobo Photography

This week the Vendor Spotlight is highlighting the work of Abigail Bobo Photography! Located in Nashville, she has an obvious passion for her clients that is shown through her images. Abigail’s work can be found here, along with her blog and editorial. Make sure to check out all of her work because her images are truly stunning! The story behind Abigail and her passion are inspirational and her love of photography and people is evident. Below are a few questions about photography as well as a few about Abigail herself!




How did you get into photography?

I was originally a Marketing/Graphic Design major at a local private University with a nice scholarship, but I wasn’t happy with the school. You know that feeling when something just doesn’t seem quite right for you? That’s how I felt- it was a nice school, but it wasn’t for me.

So, I packed up and left. To give myself some time to think,

I took three classes at a local college next semester: Typography, 2-D Design

and Basic Photography.

The rest is history.

I detoured for two and a half years to finish my AA in photography at Nashville State. I’ve transferred to Thomas Edison State College to complete my BA in Photography online through advanced independent studies; I plan to have all my final papers and paperwork finished up by the end of this summer. I would love to get my MFA in photography and dig even deeper into the art side of photography one day.

I became a people photographer because I found out that I really, really love talking to people. I love to laugh with them and draw out their stories. And I love to see their faces light up when they see beautiful photographs of themselves. Becoming a portrait photographer was like coming home.

In the end, I didn’t find photography: photography found me.



What do you love about photography?

I fell in love with the medium’s ability to freeze time, convey emotion and trigger memories. Actually, the question reminds me of my thesis paper for my BA. It was about the qualities of strong images that have the power to affect humans deeply. The findings were (in a nutshell) that still images look very much like human memories, which experts believe are stored in snap-shot like frames. While clearly not every still image has this power, a good photographer can encapsulate light and memory in a way that affects the human psyche deeply. It’s this possibility of creating images that have that special something that fascinates me.




What would you say is your photography style?

I’m a photojournalist at heart and I have a fine arts background. I bring great lighting, strong technique and refined artistry to a documentary/fine

art style of photography. I love genuine moments and capture them with beauty and feeling.

I also shoot magazine and editorial work, so I often think of what would make a strong collection of magazine-worthy images. I like making a series of images that go together to drive a narrative.



Do you shoot digital or film?

I’m what’s called a hybrid shooter. I think that film has a beautiful look and there’s intention in shooting each image, but it has its limitations, such as dark environments. Digital feels more colorful, spontaneous and experimental to me, but it doesn’t have the unexpected beauty of film. Therefore, I provide clients with the best of both worlds! On a wedding day, you’ll see me running around wearing a harness with a 35mm camera and my digital camera. I’ll haul the medium format camera out for portraits and sometimes also use a specialty camera like a Holga.

While clearly I love both mediums, I think that the content, emotion and beauty of an image should trump what it was shot on. In the end, it’s still light and love.




Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

I believe in relationships.

I don’t believe in stressing people out about photos.

I believe in fast, rocking customer care.

I don’t believe in forcing smiles.

I believe in timeless, clean, photojournalistic, artistic photos.

I don’t believe in trends/weird editing colors/odd poses.

I believe in the importance of story.

I believe in the beauty of the human spirit.


 Some personal questions: 

Mac or PC?


It’s simply very user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention, it’s the operating system that Photoshop and Lightroom were designed to run on, so it makes working with those programs smooth and fast.



Tea or Coffee?

I used to be a huge coffee junkie, but when I stayed in the UK for three weeks in the summer of 2013, I fell in love with tea. I found out that if you purchase a strong black breakfast tea from Twining’s (I drink Irish Breakfast) and use milk and a bit of sugar, it provides a smoother taste and gentle energy lift with no crash.

You may catch me getting dark chocolate mochas at coffee shops, but for the most part I don’t drink coffee anymore. Tea for me!


Favorite Social Media Outlet for Sharing Pictures

While Facebook is still my primary means of using photographs as marketing tools because of the tagging capability, I’m starting to use Instagram a lot more. The clean, square format and ability to have photos laid out in a profile grid is positively enchanting and the sharing options are endless! You can catch me over there quite a bit at @abigailbobophotography;)

You can also find quite a few of my photos over on my new blog, South Facing Light!



Favorite Movie Right Now

Sorry, can’t pick one! I love stories too much:)Right now I’m on a Wes Anderson kick; his cinematography is stunning. I also enjoyed The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, The Monument Men, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Finding Vivian Maier.



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Parthenia Fayne - July 9, 2014 - 5:58 pm